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Practice Overview

In 1992 Dr Pat Hezmall and Dr John House merged their solo urology practices and founded the Urology Associates of North Texas (USMD|UANT). Within 1 year Dr David Ellis became a partner in USMD|UANT thus beginning the phenomenal growth of what was to become on of the largest urology group in the world.

Initially USMD|UANT's growth was spurred by the promise of the economic efficiencies but by 1997 the group had reached a critical mass and it began to focus on the future and its long term strategic goals. Its Mission Statement, to deliver World Class urologic care, was developed in 1998 and the group began the task of fulfilling its mission by attracting, retaining and acquiring the necessary human resources and technology.

The group added physicians by hiring urologists directly out of residency, fellowship training, private practice and through mergers with existing groups. USMD|UANT embraced the latest in information technology by installing electronic medical records and added diagnostic and therapeutic facilities by pooling resources and plowing profits back into the necessary infrastructure. In 2006 USMD|UANT initiated a major internal quality enhancement program and appointed its first medical director. This unique program will monitor the quality of care USMD|UANT's physicians and services deliver based on patient satisfaction, science based protocols and outcomes analysis.

The result is one of the largest groups of urologic surgeons in the world with world class facilities and technology delivering world class therapies to the patients of North Texas and beyond.


  • Nearly 20 Physicians
  • Nearly 15 Locations throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex
  • Centers of Excellence in every urologic subspecialty staffed with fellowship trained and/or very experienced urologic surgeons
  • A Clinical Research division which offers the latest in nation-wide urological research studies

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