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Centers Of Excellence in Urology


The future of health care is moving toward specialization driven by the fact that medical science is advancing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex. As a result, new therapies are being developed and introduced into the medical marketplace at an accelerating rate. Effectively delivering these therapies require extensively trained professionals employing complex technology. USMD|UANT's approach to this trend has been to develop "Centers of Excellence" where our physicians narrow their focus and limit their practice to a particular urologic subspecialty and perform a large volume of only a few types of surgical procedures in facilities with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technology. This "focused factory" approach leads to more experienced physicians performing more procedures with better equipment resulting in better outcomes for our patients.

USMD|UANT has nearly 20 physicians at nearly 15 locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. USMD|UANT is one of the nation's largest fully-integrated urology practices. USMD|UANT has applied the concept of specialization by developing "Centers of Excellence" in every urologic subspecialty including:

Dallas Prostate Cancer Center
Urologic OncologyUrologic Oncology
Advanced diagnostics & treatments
Prostate, Kidney and Bladder Caner
Robotic & Lararoscopic SurgeryRobotic & Laparoscopic Surgery
Robotic-assisted laparoscopic
Prostatectomy & Nephrectomy

Cryosurgery Prostate/KidneyCryosurgery Prostate/Kidney
Minimally Invasive Treatment for Prostate Cancer & Kidney Cancer

General Urology General Urology
Elevated PSA, BPH, Kidney Stones, Urinary Tract Infections, Bladder Cancer

Male InfertilityMale Infertility
Defined as failure to conceive after
one year of unprotected intercourse

Urinary Control Urinary Control
Types of Urinary Incontinence
common causes

Kidney Stone Disease Kidney Stone Disease
USMD|UANT offers the most advanced
techniques & technology

Human Sexuality Sexual Medicine
Erectile Dysfunction, Male Infertility, Sexual Dysfunction, Counseling

Reconstructive UrologyReconstructive Urology

Reconstructive urology is an emerging sub-specialty that focuses on restoring normal urine flow in both the upper and the lower urinary tract. Conditions addressed by reconstructive urologists include ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction, ureteral stricture, neurogenic bladder, and urethral stricture disease. The primary focus of reconstructive urology is urethral reconstruction. Learn more about reconstructive urology and find a reconstructive urologist.


An example of how USMD|UANT has applied the concept of specialization to the field of urologic surgery is the development of the "North Texas Center for Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgery" headed by Dr Justin Lee. The program was started at USMD Hospital-Arlington in 2003 as the first Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery program in North Texas.

With the referral and financial support of our group, this "Center of Excellence" has performed over 1500 procedures and has grown to become the 3rd largest robotics program in the world with 6 very experienced surgeons, 2 da Vinci Robots and its own fellowship training program.

Another example of USMD|UANT's commitment to excellence through specialization is the "North Texas Center for Cryosurgery". Initiated in 2000 and lead by Dr. Clif Vestal, this "Center of Excellence" has the distinction of being one of the largest cryosurgery program in the world. Dr Vestal and his team of experienced cryosurgeons are recognized by their peers as "World Class" clinicians as evidenced by their widely published results and their commitment to training physicians world-wide.

Our cryosurgery and robotics program have proven the concept that "practice makes perfect". These success stories only deepen USMD|UANT's commitment to further specialization in every field of urology and urologic surgery. Ultimately, our hope is to fulfill our mission and deliver "World Class" specialized urologic care to the patients of North Texas and beyond.

A commitment to excellence through specialization is the "USMD|UANT Difference". This "difference" is that unlike the traditional urology practice where each physician attempts to provide a full range of subspecialty services, USMD|UANT makes it possible to have the full range of subspecialty services provided by a full range of better trained and more experienced sub specialists. We believe that this approach will ultimately lead to better outcomes, better patient satisfaction and better patient care.

We encourage you to review our Centers of Excellence to learn more about specific conditions and treatments. If you have questions, please call us at 817 784-UANT (8268).

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