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Urinary Control

Wendy Leng, M.D., FPMRS

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Dr Wendy Leng joins the UANT Center of Excellence in Incontinence Care after several years in academic urology. She grew up in Baltimore MD and attended Harvard University for undergraduate studies in Biology, followed by medical school training at Tufts University in Boston MA. She then stayed in the Boston area to pursue urology residency training, which included two years of general surgery training at Massachusetts General Hospital followed by 4 additional years of urological surgery training at the renown Lahey Clinic Medical Center. Dr Leng then relocated to the University of Texas Houston Medical Center in 1997 to complete a clinical fellowship with Dr Edward McGuire, a distinguished leader in the subspecialty of female pelvic medicine, urinary incontinence and voiding dysfunction management.

After completion of fellowship training, Dr Leng was first an Assistant Professor of urology at University of California San Francisco from 1998-2001; and later on, an Associate Professor of Urology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. During her time at University of Pittsburgh, her clinical and research interests aligned in the scientific analyses of common urological practice and more specifically, the evaluations and innovative treatments of adult male and female urinary incontinence and voiding dysfunctions. Dr Leng has been the recipient of a K23 Career Development Award from the National Institute of Health (NIH), and during that time, completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research Design and Analyses at the University of Pittsburgh. During her time at University of Pittsburgh, she also served as a co-Principal Investigator for clinical trials developed and conducted by the consortium known as the NIH-sponsored Urinary Incontinence Treatment Network (UITN). She has also served as co-investigator and/or collaborator for several related NIH protocols.

Dr Leng is a diplomate of the American Board of Urology, member of the American Urological Association, and member of the subspecialty Society of Urodynamics and Female Urology. She is married with two young children-- who no longer ask their mother whether women can be urologists.

Urinary Control
Board Certified

Fort Worth - Downtown Bladder Control and Pelvic Health
(817) 784-8268
    1300 West Terrell, Suite 420
    Fort Worth TX 76104 (817) 784-8268

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