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Prostate Cancer and Depression

You have had your prostate biopsy and are awaiting the results. In the intervening time you have realized that your anxiety has risen dramatically. The day to receive your results arrives and you hear the words you did not want to hear, “You have prostate cancer.” “What if’s “flood your mind and it is difficult to listen to the further information the doctor is sharing with you. You are not alone in your experience.

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PSA screening

The prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test is a useful marker to detect prostate cancer. In fact, a majority of men diagnosed with prostate cancer over the last 2 decades underwent a prostate biopsy because of an abnormally elevated PSA. Despite its obvious utility in diagnosing patients with early localized prostate cancer, many men have undergone repeat biopsies because of an elevated PSA with no evidence of prostate cancer.

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Overcoming Hematuria Recovery from a common urologic condition

Hematuria, or red blood cells in the urine, can present microscopically or grossly as visible discoloration. In either case, hematuria is abnormal, except in young females with urinary tract infections. Bleeding originates from anywhere along the urinary tract, including the kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate, and urethra.

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Managing Stone Disease Effective approaches to kidney care

Kidney stone disease is common in the United States, affecting one in 10 people and accounting for seven to 10 of every 1,000 hospital admissions. The incidence of stone disease is highest in patients between 30 and 45 years of age, while the condition declines in patients over 50. Treatment selection for stone disease depends on many factors, including the size and type of stone and the existence of underlying medical conditions.

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Patients Find Comfort in Women Urologists

When treating her young urology patients for problems like bedwetting and bladder infections, Urology Associates of North Texas pediatric urologist Leslie McQuiston, MD, a top expert in the field, finds it helps to have a mother’s perspective.

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USMD & UANT * Providing World Class Urology Care to the greater Dallas Metroplex

USMD Surgical Hospital is located in the heart of the Metroplex and represents the collective intentions of some of the community’s leading urology healthcare professionals. The Urology Associates of North Texas is proud to be part of the USMD family and provide:

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An Introduction to Clinical Urologic Research at the Urology Associates of North Texas

Drugs and medical devices must undergo extensive testing before they can be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Before testing in people begins, laboratory research is done, and typically involves years of experiments in animal and human tissue. If this stage of testing is successful, the manufacturer may apply to the FDA to begin clinical trials.

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Know Your Options * Treating lower urinary tract symptoms

If you are male, chances are good that you will experience lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) during your adult life. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), an enlargement of the prostate gland, is considered a contributing factor to LUTS. BPH occurs in all men about 40 years of age or older. In fact, 50% of men in their fifties will experience symptoms, while up to 90% of men by the age of 80 will have significant symptoms requiring some type of therapy.

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