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Urologic Oncology (Cancer)

USMD Prostate Cancer Center

Types of Cancer:


Are conditions evaluated and treated by urologists. Occasionally a higher level of care may be needed for some conditions. What distinguishes USMD|UANT from other urology practices is the ability to concentrate (within the practice) the management of selected or complicated problems in the hands of subspecialists or Centers of Excellence. One such Center of Excellence is Urologic Oncology. The physicians staffing this center have specialized training and/or experience in the management of complex urologic malignancies.

Fellowships in urologic oncology consist of 1, 2 or 3 years of post residency training in cancer care specific to urology; these programs are often based in large cancer institutions or academic centers. Our aim at USMD|UANT is to bring this same level of expertise and specialization into our local medical community by recruiting fellowship trained urologic oncologists. Should a USMD|UANT physician determine a need for specialized cancer care, a patient can be quickly and seamlessly referred to the COE physician best able to care for that particular oncology related problem.

Advanced Treatments:

Robotic prostatectomy or robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy
Cryotherapy - A treatment for prostate cancer

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